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St. Paul’s Ministries: What We Do


If you wish to volunteer, please call the office at 302.856.2894 or email to discuss how you can offer your time and talents to help grow the ministries or create new ministries at St. Paul’s!

Mr. Chris Bennett


Chris Bennett

Girls and boys are invited to grow spiritually while assisting in the services to proclaim the glory of God.

Karen Baker

Altar Guild

Karen Baker

The ministry of the Altar Guild is the preparation of the Lord’s Table for all worship and celebration services, creating a beautiful space in which to worship God. 

Ms. Libby Stevenson

Bell Choir

Libby Stevenson

Commitment -- not talent-- is the requisite for membership.

Ms. Bobbie Quillen

Chalicists, Lectors & Intercessors

Bobbie Quillen

Those devoted to praising God through devotional leadership are invited to partake in training for an effective role in the services.

Janet Jones


Mary Ann Torkelson

The Psalmist's words, "O come let us sing unto the Lord," are the invitation to join the choir. There are no tryouts or auditions and everyone is welcome!  Just show up Sunday morning at 9AM.

Ms. Karen Swartout

Dinners For Six

Karen Swartout

Each group sets its own rules and decides when to get together for the dinner, whose turn it will be to host the dinner, what type of dinner it is (potluck, formal, informal, barbeque, etc.). Some folks prepare the entire meal; other groups ask that the members bring something for the dinner; or the group can agree to eat out. Couples and singles are invited to join in the fun! If you are single, please choose a partner and sign up as a couple, or sign up as an individual and we will pair you up.  A great way to get to know our fellow parishioners in an informal setting!

Ms. Judy DeanMs. Karen Swartout

Distant Neighbors

Karen Swartout & Judy Dean

This committee plans our annual Distant Neighbors Fair Trade Festival in November in which we sell "fair trade" items. These gift items are created by developing-world craftspeople who are paid a fair price for them, enabling a climb out of poverty.  See the Projects page for further information.

Evangelism & Stewardship Committee


Evangelism and Stewardship travel hand-in-hand because they are so closely related.  How do we live our beliefs?  How do we spend our time, talents and treasures?

Fred Dean

Finance Committee

Fred Dean

This group reviews the parish's expenses, income, investments and future plans, and submits a budget to vestry for review, revision and approval.  All are welcome to join.

Mr. Bill WhelenLit Dryden

Helping Hands Ministry

Lit Dryden & Bill Whelen

If you need help with something around the house, call Bill or Lit.  They are ready to help or arrange for someone with the right skill to help out.  There is no fee; any gratuity goes to the Youth Group (see below).

Emily Peterson

Hospitality Committee

Emily Peterson

Welcoming, arranging programs and organizing the feeding of the flock motivates this committee to give of themselves and share with our family and visitors.  (See the Worship page for how you can host a coffee hour after Sunday's 10:30 worship.)

Mr. Gene Quaciari Mr. Bill Quillen

Maintenance & Grounds

Bill Quillen & Gene Quaciari

The physical appearance of our church and grounds signifies the spirit and pride of a community in Christ.  This work demands the help of many.  It is important that our buildings say, “Welcome! Please come in!”

Ms. Doris Hickman

Meals on Wheels

Doris Hickman

Experience the joy of being the sunshine of the day in another's life by bringing an appetizing meal to one who cannot get out!  St. Paul’s serves one week out of every four -- and volunteers are very welcome.

Mr. Dick Bennett

Men's Group

Dick Bennett

The Men's Group meets every Saturday morning at 8AM for coffee, conversation and laughter.  All men are welcome!

Janet Jones

Music Committee

Mary Ann Torkelson

This group facilitates the praise and glory of God by preparing music for services and for special events -- and they have fun doing it!

Ms. Deby Daly

Office Volunteers

Maureen Leary

Everyone can offer a helping hand in the office!

Fred Dean

Outreach Committee

Fred Dean

By reaching out to help those less fortunate, we attain a greater sense of partnership with the community.  If you know of a need in our community-at-large, please bring it to our attention.

Ms. Karen Swartout

Pastoral Care Committee

Karen Swartout

Care and concern for the sick and those in need guide the ministry of this dedicated committee.  See how spending a few minutes of your time can brighten the day of another.

Ms. Deby Daly

St. Paul's Epistle

Maureen Leary

You too can be a contributor to St. Paul's Epistle, our monthly parish newsletter.  See the News page for further details and an online edition of St. Paul's Epistle.

Ms. Deby Daly
Ushers & Greeters

Maureen Leary

A smile and a welcoming handshake are the qualifications to become a certified member of this important group.  Please join us in welcoming our family, friends, neighbors and guests.

Ms. Janet Jones

Worship Committee

Mary Ann Torkelson

This committee plans the worship for the different liturgical seasons.  Anyone interested in this area is invited to join and help.

Ms. Debi GoebelMr. Chris Bennett

Youth Group

Chris Bennett & Debi Goebel

The Youth Group plans and implements programs and activities for our youth and their friends.  See the Youth page.

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