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St. Paul's Current Projects

For a review of St. Paul's ongoing ministries please see the Ministries page.  This Projects page however is devoted to special tasks which the parish is currently undertaking.  Perhaps you can join us in one or more of these opportunities for service.

Distant Neighbors Distant Neighbors

St. Paul's hosts an annual Distant Neighbors Fair Trade Festival in November in which we sell "fair trade" items.  These gift items are created by developing-world craftspeople who are paid a fair price for them, enabling a climb out of poverty.  In addition, principles of gender equity, environmentalism and respectful interaction are observed.  Think Christmas shopping with a conscience!  Contact Distant Neighbors Committee chairs Karen Swartout or Judy Dean for further information or to volunteer.  The Festival is held the Friday and Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Note!  Because we all need fair trade chocolate, coffees and teas throughout the year, they are available for sale periodically at St. Paul's.  Contact Karen Swartout or Judy Dean for what will be available and when.

Also note!  We serve globally inspired treats at the Festival.  Click for select recipes we have used!

Toolbox full of tools

Sussex County Work Camp

St. Paul's sends parishioners to Sussex County Work Camp, which makes repairs on the homes of indigent Sussex Countians. The event occurs in the summer and is headed by Deacon Tom McCormick of All Saints', Rehoboth Beach. Campers must be 16 through college age and may attend 1 to 5 days either as a day camper or a resident camper housed at Camp Arrowhead on Rehoboth Bay. For further information email Deacon Tom.

St. Pauls Notecards
St. Paul's Note Cards & Prints of St. Paul's

The note cards are for sale in the parish office for $8 per pack.  Each pack cCharcoal sketch of St. Paul'sontains 8 cards, 2 styles in each pack:  a sample pack is available in the parish hall.  All proceeds go to the Youth Scholarship Fund.

Prints of the exterior of St. Paul's are available for $10 each and are also available through the parish office.

Balls of yarn
Prayer Shawl Ministry

Parishioners knit or crochet shawls and give them to elderly and shut-in persons to provide comfort and help maximize their prayer experience.  This is in keeping with an ancient Jewish tradition of using a shawl during prayer.  Contact Judy Dean if you would like to join this ministry of caring.

Adopt a family

Each year St. Paul's "adopts" two or three families for Christmas.  For further information on how you can purchase gift items for our families, contact the parish office.  Note:  if you don't like to shop, cash contributions may be left in the office with Deby Daly. "And because He particularly loves them, let us remember in His name the poor...."


Past project: repairing homes in Appalachia in 2007 (clip 1) and 2006 (clips 2-6)